Resources for Parents & Families

Blackpool Better Start’s objectives are to give every new baby in Blackpool a better start in life, helping them to enjoy the early care and nurture they need for healthy development and to be ready for school. 

To help our families and parents achieve this we have a range of programmes that have been tested and proven to make a positive difference.  Some of our first services include:

Baby Buddy is a free phone app for pregnant women and mothers of young babies packed full of help, support and information.  It has lots of features such as asking a question, setting a reminder for appointments, finding out about local play groups and support groups.

Baby Steps is available for all expectant parents and involves two home visits and nine group sessions.  It is available through the antenatal programme and begins after the 20th week of pregnancy with a home visit.  From about weeks 26-30 we offer group sessions led by a midwife, health visitor and family engagement worker and the programme finishes with a home visit after the baby is born.

Family Nurse Partnership is a home visiting programme for first time young mums, aged under 20, and dads.  A specially trained family nurse visits young mums regularly, from early in pregnancy until the child is two and aims to enable mums to:

  • Have a healthy pregnancy

  • Improve their child’s health and development

  • Plan their own futures and achieve their aspirations

Video Interactive Guidance (VIG) is an approach used for enhancing communication within family relationships. Parents are supported to become more sensitive to children's communication attempts and develop greater awareness of how they can respond in an attuned way.

Parents Under Pressure (PUP) is a programme that focuses on the things the parents do well to build their confidence, adopting a strengths-based approach. The programme also reduces parental anxiety and depression, risk taking behaviours and stresses.

SafeCare is a programme that works with parents of young children at risk of, or reported for, maltreatment. SafeCare is delivered in the home over twenty weeks and comprises 4 modules: Parent-Child Interaction, Home Safety, Child Health Care, and Counselling and Problem Solving Skills.

Some of our partners' initiatives include:

 Blackpool Victoria Hospitals Website for Children

Blackpool Victoria Hospital have launched a new website and created a video for children telling them what to expect when they visit hospital, to help put their minds at rest. Young patients and hospital workers put their heads together to develop their children’s hospital website that has plenty of easy to read information that is easy to access and is all in one place. 

The video, created with Blackpool’s SAM-films, features everything involved in a hospital trip, including travelling in an ambulance, exploring wards, and meeting doctors and nurses. Take a look to see how it can help Blackpool’s children when they need to visit hospital. 

If you know children who are due a hospital visit, make sure you tell them about these great new tools!

RoSPA (Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents) has produced a general home safety information pack, which can be found here.

Detailed information about electrical safety in the home can be found in this helpful guide.