Expert Advisory Group

Our Expert Advisory Group, made up of specialists in the field of early child development, meets twice a year to offer guidance and advice, and to inform our approach.

The members of the Expert Advisory Group are:

  • Alan Stein, Oxford University (United Kingdom)
  • Alison Hadley OBE, Teenage Pregnancy Knowledge Exchange (United Kingdom)
  • Ann Rowe, Anne Rowe Consulting (United Kingdom)
  • Chris Cuthbert, (Chair) Lumos Foundation (United Kingdom)
  • Dr Alain Gregoire, Maternal Mental Health Alliance (United Kingdom)
  • Dr Ann Hoskins, Public Health England (United Kingdom)
  • Dr Beckie Laing,  PIP UK (United Kingdom)
  • Dr Cheryll Adams, Institute of Health Visiting (United Kingdom)
  • Dr Hilary Kennedy, University College London & AVIGUK (United Kingdom)
  • Francine Bates, Lullaby Trust (United Kingdom)
  • Jean Gross, Speech and Language Specialist (United Kingdom)
  • Jo Maitland, Tavistock and Portman (United Kingdom)
  • Julie Taylor, University of Birmingham
  • Merle Davies, Blackpool Better Start Centre for Early Child Development (United Kingdom)
  • Professor Pasco Fearon, University College London (United Kingdom)
  • Professor Frank Oberklaid, Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Professor Leon Feinstein, Office of the Children's Commissioner (United Kingdom)
  • Professor Mitch Blair, Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health, Imperial College London (United Kingdom)